Student Motivation Questionnaire

The Student Motivation Questionnaire - the SMQ

Complimentary Early Bird programme

The Early Bird programme provides access to the SMQ at no cost. The programme was created to assist schools in their evaluation of the Questionnaire, to check its veracity and understand how SMQ will fit into a whole school approach to emotional wellbeing and mental health. The Early Bird programme is limited to the first 100 schools to apply. Thereafter, the normal licence fee structure will apply as described below.

To apply for the Early Bird programme, please email:

Prices and Payment

SMQ Licence Fees

Prices are calculated per student and the licence fee permits two uses of the SMQ per student within a 12-month period. This enables you to measure progress.

  • SMQ licence fee per student, £5 (five pounds sterling) excluding VAT

All prices are subject to VAT for customers in the UK. Prices are subject to change without notice. Terms and conditions apply.

The Licence Fee permits two uses of the SMQ per student per year. This enables you to measure progress.

Once we are in receipt of a Purchase Order (PO), or PO number, access to the Questionnaire is provided. Should the number of users be greater than that stated in the PO the system would prevent access to the additional users. However, it is possible to request additional users should you so wish.